PP packing belt



1. Good plasticity and easy molding.

2. Acid and alkali resistance: PP packing belt has good acid and alkali corrosion resistance, and can be used in a certain degree of acid and alkali environment.

3. Strong breaking force: PP packing belt has high strength and wear resistance, and can withstand large tensile and impact forces.

4. Good weather resistance: PP packing belt has good weather resistance and is not easily exposed to ultraviolet radiation that can cause yellowing and discoloration.

5. High temperature stability: PP packing belt exhibits good stability in high temperature environments.





The main use of PP packing belt is for packaging and securing goods, suitable for various packaging machines (semi-automatic, fully automatic, manual packaging machines) in various industries, and is widely used in logistics, transportation, and warehousing fields. It can be used to pack various goods, such as cardboard boxes, wood, textiles, etc., to ensure that the goods will not loosen or be damaged.

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