product PE stretch film

Release time:2022-03-28 11:28

In 2021, FZY rolls out a new product PE stretch film, produced by a brand new machine with five layers extrusion technique to ensure quality stability, accurately control inner and outer layer material distribution. Also, with over 20 years of extrusion experience, quality first is our priority, stretch film only using 100% new material not only maintain high clarity also increase product recognizability, it’s indispensable packing material for the manufacture, transportation, and storage industry.

Machine photo

The advantage of hand stretch film is high mobility, the worker can pack everywhere and anywhere, doesn’t have to be a specific place. Also, hand stretch film has up to 150% stretch rate which means one 1000M roll of film can wrap up to 1500M of the pallet, reduce cost. The average weight per hand stretch film is around 2~4kgs and is suitable for the transportation industry.

Compared to hand stretch film, machine stretch film has up to 200~250% stretch rate, under 1000M roll you can wrap 2000~2500M pallet. Also, machine stretch film can reduce work injury, reduce dizziness while wrapping in a circular motion, and prevent worker hand and back strain.

After choosing the correct product, choosing the correct thickness by the product you want to wrap is the right way to decrease cost. For example: when packing sharp products such as a wood pallet, choose 20µm is safer than 17µm, also reduce product waste.