How to differentiate PE cling film and PVC cling film

Release time:2021-05-25 09:52

1. Distinguish from color

When we buy plastic wrap, usually PE or PVC will be marked on the label of the wrap. How to distinguish the plastic wrap that is already in use? Their colors are different. The overall color of PE cling film is white, and the transparency is not particularly good. The overall color of the PVC material is yellow, and the relative head density is higher. After the food is wrapped, the wrapped food can be clearly seen.

2. Test by hand rubbing

It can also be used to distinguish PE and PVC cling film. Knead the cling film with your hands. If the cling film has poor viscosity and is easier to unfold after kneading, it means it is made of PE. If after kneading, the stickiness becomes large, it becomes a ball and it is not easy to unfold, it can be judged as PVC cling film.

3. Combustion experiment

Burning plastic wrap with fire is a relatively easy way to distinguish. When the ignited plastic wrap will not go out by itself when it leaves the fire source, it can be judged as PE plastic wrap. When the fire source leaves after ignition, the cling film cannot continue to burn, and there is a pungent odor during burning, it can be concluded as PVC cling film.


PVC plastic wrap should not be used for cooked foods, meats and other oily foods, nor can it be heated in a microwave oven, otherwise the plasticizer will precipitate.

The plasticizer precipitated from PVC plastic wrap will affect our body's hormone secretion, such as precocious puberty in women or infertility in men.

It is recommended that you choose PE material for household plastic wrap, which is relatively safe.